Lonley Fan Method

Lonley Fan Method

The lonely fan or rolling method works best when you want to create wide fans. Wide fans give a fuller, and fluffier look and it helps cover sparse areas of the lashes.

  1. To use this method, start by selecting the number of lashes you’d like in the fan (anywhere from 2-6 for volume or more for mega volume).
  2. Using your preferred pair of volume tweezers, lift the desired number of lashes and remove them from the strip and place them on an empty portion of the same strip (or a different strip, bubble, or another preferred surface) – use a little bit of tension to make sure they will stick to the strip.
  3. Using the tip of your tweezers slowly move back and forth to open the fan. When done with even pressure, the space between the strands will be even. This evenness is essential for achieving that full, fluffy look.
  4. Remove the fan from the strip by grabbing with your tweezers in the middle. Apply adhesive to the base and adhere to your client’s natural lash.

We used our Mega Volume Boot Tweezers (from our Pro-Advanced Line) and our .05 CC curl lashes -- hint, hint the lashes & tweezers work great with our Unity clear adhesive!

What’s your favorite go-to way to create fans?

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