Classic & Volume Certification - Online "at home" Course

Classic & Volume Certification - Online "at home" Course

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Our "at home" online course is here to get you started in lashes

Course Breakdown: 

After completing the online training with embedded videos, quizzes and an  extensive "how to" manual, you will have a Facetime/Zoom call with an AW Lashes Educator who will assess your progression, and if you feel comfortable, we can start your practice work on a friend/model.

If we feel you need another day of experience before working on a live client, we will walk you through "hands on" exercises to improve your skills on Facetime/Zoom. Next, you will complete the online training course for a 2nd time to insure you are ready and passed. At this point you will invite a friend/model to help you by letting you practice a hybrid full set of Classic & Volume Lashes. Your educator will be there with you, virtually, to help throughout. 

**This course can take anywhere from 2 days to 10 days depending on your availability and speed. 

Who is this course for? 

First and foremost, someone who learns well on their own and doesn't need in-person oversight. 

If you learned the basics of lashes in Cosmetology or Esthetician school but need additional training in classic & volume lashes. 

If you cannot make one of our Education locations.

This intensive hands-on training coupled with a personal AW mentor will give you the tools to help you be successful. 

Course Topics:

  • Classic Lashes Overview
  • Theory
  • Lash tools
  • Mapping & styling
  • Lash services
  • Full classic set from consultation - aftercare instruction
  • Fill methods
  • Lash removal
  • Volume lash overview
  • Volume lash tools
  • Types of fans
  • Ways to make fans
  • Correct lash placement
  • Business requirements & tips
  • Taking lash pictures
  • Editing applications
  • Social media & licenses
  • Employees vs booth rentals
  • Live model work through a Zoom Call 

Included with this course is the Classic & Volume Certification Kit which is mailed to your home and contains the following items:

  • Online training & videos -- lifetime access
  • Online Classic & Volume Certification Manual (PDF)
  • 2 AW Lashes Mix Trays
  • 2 pairs of tweezers
  • "Unity" clear adhesive
  • 3M Tape
  • 2 Custom Tiles
  • Mascara wands
  • Air Pump Blower
  • Gel patches
  • Volume Cups
  • Micro swabs
  • AW Lashes Swag 
  • Mannequin head for practice 

Payment plans are available. Please contact for more information.