Mix 7D, 750 fans,  .05&
Mix 7D, 750 fans,  .05&
Mix 7D, 750 fans,  .05&

Mix 7D, 750 fans, .05's

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The perfect handmade, thin-based fans that are also budget-friendly! Each box has three lengths with a total of 750 7D fans to help you accelerate the speed of a volume set. 

  • 750 7D .05 fans per box
  • Three lengths in each box
  • Heat bonded for an ultra-slim base
  • Rich black color
  • True Curl™ - fans that keep their curl
  • High-quality, consistent fans that stay open & fluffy
  • The appearance of artist-created fans - for a flawless blend with artist-made fans
  • High-quality PBT to easily adhere and bond to the natural lash
  • Lightweight fans that don't weigh lashes down, or damage to the natural lash.

For ease, we suggest using the Silicone Lash Pad when working with the loose fans.