Black Lash Pillow Case

Black Lash Pillow Case

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No matter what position you sleep in, you spend hours each night with your hair or face pressed up against a pillow. Turns out all that friction can cause wrinkles, create some serious bedhead....and loose precious lashes!

Thankfully, the AW Lashes black pillowcase exists -- to give you the beauty sleep of your dreams...and save your lashes!

Why the AW Lashes black pillowcase?
This soft material creates a smooth surface for your lashes, hair, and skin to glide over – with less friction there will be less lash loss, creases on your skin, and less frizz in your hair.
  • Polyester
  • SGS Certified
  • Safe & non-toxic
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Non-branded (add your own logo after purchase!)
  • Machine washable (follow care instructions on packaging)

This is a great item to add to your aftercare line up! The suggested retail price is $25