Finding the Perfect Adhesive: Your Guide to Lash Extension Excellence

Choosing the right lash extension adhesive for your clients is as crucial as selecting the ideal pair of shoes for a marathon. After all, you wouldn’t want blisters, right? Just like shoes, the perfect adhesive ensures that lash extensions stay securely in place, offering comfort and avoiding irritation for your clients. However, with a myriad of options on the market, the decision-making process can be overwhelming. Let’s navigate the sticky world of eyelash extension adhesives together, focusing on the exceptional range available at AW Lashes.

Understanding Different Skin Types

Regarding lash extension adhesives, one size certainly doesn’t fit all. Adhesives vary in dry time, longevity, and sensitivity. The key contenders you’ll encounter are the cyanoacrylate-based adhesives, renowned for their strength and durability. However, it’s essential to consider your clients’ skin types – whether oily, dry, sensitive or a combination – to ensure the perfect match for their needs.

The Benefits of AW Lashes Adhesives

  1. Velocity Adhesive: Ideal for lower humidity (10-40% ideal), Velocity Adhesive is a medium viscosity adhesive that offers a rapid drying time of .05 seconds, coupled with a flexible, robust bond and unmatched retention (6+ weeks).
  2. Unity Adhesive: This clear adhesive is ideal in all humidity levels and is great for colored lashes, or those with a sensitivity to carbon black. This award-winning adhesive provides amazing retention and can be a great option for those with sensitivities. Ideal for all humidity levels.
  3. Ultra Adhesive: The twin to Unity, Ultra is the same formulation as Unity, but with the addition of carbon black. For clients seeking unparalleled strength and durability, Ultra Adhesive is the go-to choice. With a bond lasting up to 6+ weeks, this premium adhesive delivers exceptional results, whether for dramatic or natural looks. Ideal for all humidity levels.
  4. Intensity Adhesive: Craft intricate lash designs with precision and control using Intensity Adhesive. With its thin viscosity and fast drying time (.05 seconds) and superior bonding strength, this adhesive caters to advanced lash artists, ensuring stunning results with every application. Ideal for all humidity levels.

Please note, all AW lashes adhesives latex free and are mixable! mix and match to create your perfect combination for your humidity level, and client needs!

Choosing the Right Adhesive for Skin Health

Picking the perfect adhesive isn’t just about achieving a stronghold; it’s also about prioritizing skin health. Different skin types react uniquely to various adhesive ingredients. For sensitive skin, opt for fast-drying adhesives (like Velocity & Intensity) to minimize the risk of irritation – the faster the adhesive drys the less exposure to the fumes as it cures quickly. Clients with oily skin will benefit from the use of primer prior to lash service to ensure a prolonged bond. Remember, the right adhesive not only enhances beauty but also promotes comfort and safety.

Tips for Safe Application and Maintenance

Prioritize cleanliness during application, conducting patch tests to ensure compatibility. Apply a thin layer of adhesive, avoiding the waterline, and allow ample time for setting. Maintain lash extensions by avoiding oil-based products, gently washing and brushing lashes daily, and opting for touch-ups every 2-3 weeks.

FAQs and Troubleshooting

Common concerns such as allergies, drying time, and retention issues can be addressed through proper adhesive selection, application techniques, and aftercare. Fresh adhesive ensures optimal performance, so store opened bottles appropriately and replace them regularly.

Your clients deserve nothing but the best, and with the diverse range of adhesives offered by AW Lashes, you can elevate their lash experience to new heights. Make informed choices, prioritize skin health, and unleash your creativity with confidence. Happy lashing!