Easy Fan Volume Lashes
Easy Fan Volume Lashes
Easy Fan Volume Lashes

Easy Fan Volume Lashes

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Literally, remove these lashes from the strip, and ta-da you have a fan!

Carefully crafted, these easy fan lashes have a unique, sticky base that prevents them from separating and falling apart, allowing you to create the perfect fan within seconds.

Great for those short on time, or for those just starting out in volume and mega volume. These lashes give you the versatility and artistry of pro-made fans at a speed that will help you to save time and increase your bottom line. 

  • Unique Sticky base to automatically create fans
  • No glue at the base
  • Ultra-black rich color
  • Beautifully soft and natural look and feel
  • True Curl™


Directions: Select the number of lashes desired in your fan. Grab the lashes at approximately the middle with tweezers and pull them up and towards with a slight gentle back-and-forth motion to remove them from the strip. Lashes will automatically create a fan.


For Professional Use Only