Flower Adhesive Rings
Flower Adhesive Rings
Flower Adhesive Rings

Flower Adhesive Rings

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At AW we work hard to find and create amazing products so that you can lash smarter and faster! 

The AW Lashes Flower Adhesive Rings are not only adorable, but created to boost your lashing game! We have your new secret weapon and it's only $4 for a 10 pack.

  • Flower Adhesive Rings are disposable -- no adhesive clean-up and help keep a sanitary workspace.
  • Flower Adhesive Rings are prepped with an adhesive backing and are ready to stick to your lash tile, right out of the package! 
  • The small surface area means that your glue stays wet longer! 
  • With seven slots, you can use each Flower Adhesive Ring up to seven times or use it to mix different adhesives for the perfect retention! (We recommend Unity + Intensity)
  • The Flower Adhesive Rings are made of high quality plastic so they are firm and durable

Directions: Create your fan with your preferred method. Dip your fan base in the adhesive (you can also use the center of the cup for your drop of adhesive!) -- then simply run the base along the side of the lash cup. to remove any excess.