Ultra-Thin Based Mega Fans (8D) Mix Trays
Ultra-Thin Based Mega Fans (8D) Mix Trays

Ultra-Thin Based Mega Fans (8D) Mix Trays

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Are you short on time, or still mastering mega volume fans? AW has you covered with our new Ultra-Thin Based pre-made Mega Fans!


  • 320 8D fans
  • 0.05 Diameter 
  • C and D Curl
  • 8-15mm lengths
  • Thinner base than the Mega Fans
  • Heat bonded for an ultra-slim base
  • Rich black color
  • True Curl™ - fans that keep their curl
  • High-quality, consistent fans that stay open & fluffy
  • The Appearance of artist-created fans - for a flawless blend with artist-made fans
  • High-quality PBT to easily adhere and bond to the natural lash
  • Lightweight fans that don't weigh lashes down, or damage to the natural lash.
  • Foil strips for easy removal


For a detailed demonstration visit Instagram or YouTube.

  1. Remove the fans with your tweezers from the foil strip. Then place it down on the strip again, and pick it up as you would a hand-made fan
  2. Add your desired amount and type of adhesive
  3. Place the fan with a side placement on the natural lash for the best bond


For Professional Use Only