Super Bond Sealer

Super Bond Sealer

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Experience the ultimate bond by adding the Super Bond to your sealing process!

The AW Super Bond is the ideal alternative to misting and a great final step in the application process! Designed to increase retention by 30%, reduce excess fumes, and accelerate the curing process and drying time of your adhesive -- you and your clients are going to LOVE this product!

  • Maximize lash retention by 30%
  • Increases flexibility of adhesive enhancing bonding between the natural eyelash & extension.
  • Virtually eliminates adhesive fumes reducing eye irritation
  • Accelerates drying/curing time of adhesive allowing lashes to get wet 3 minutes after treatment
  • Ideal for classic, volume or mega volume lashes
  • Medical grade, no irritation
  • 15ml bottle

Directions: After the lash application is complete apply the AW Super Bond. Use only a very small amount of the Super Bond on a micro swab and then gently apply where the adhesive bonds to the natural lash -- do not apply directly on the skin. Do not use a nanomister or nebulizer while using the AW Super Bond (Bonder) product.


For Professional Use Only